Klarus XT10 Tactical Torch (XM-L)

Артикул: KL-XT10

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Klarus XT10 Tactical Torch (XM-L)
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Стоимость доставки: 600 рублей

Описание Klarus XT10 Tactical Torch (XM-L)

LED Type: Ultra bright CREE XM-L (T6) LED with max output of 470 ANSI lumens and a life span of up to 50,000 hrs
Battery: 2x CR123A (3v) / 1x 18650 (3.7v) / 2x 16340
Function: There are 3 light modes and 1 flashing mode.
Switch: Dual Switch operation; a protruding forward clicky tail switch for momentary-on, on and off functions and a second tail switch for mode selection (this is also a dedicated strobe, which can be accessed from any mode when the torch is on and also when the torch is off).
Performance: The XM-L LED delivers a lot of light (470 ANSI lumens) and is an efficient performer due to the digitally regulated output, which maintains constant brightness.
Protection: Reverse polarity protection circuit protects against incorrect insertion of batteries. Sealed with O-rings for excellent water resistance and improved service life. Waterproof and Dust Resistant to IPX-8.
Tactical: Crenellated bezel at the front and dual-button system for complete, one-handed control over light modes. The body and tactical ring have been designed to allow multiple grips, making the XT10 ideal for CQB. The removable clip allows the torch to be clipped onto webbing, a tactical vest or Police stab vest.
Dimension: 143mm (Length), 21.5mm (Head), 24.3mm (Body)
Weight: 118g (without battery).
Finish: Tough, sealed body with HA Type III anodising.
Reflector: Orange peel to provide a smooth, flawless beam and good throw.
Lens: Toughened, ultra clear glass
Switch: Dual Switch operation. Protruding tail forward clicky switch for On/ Momentary On/ Off. Secondary 'Mode' tail switch for mode selection and strobe (press and hold).

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